2020 Saskatoon EX cancels for first time in 135-year history

May 11, 2020, SASKATOON, SK

2020 Saskatoon EX cancels for first time in 135-year history

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce today, the cancellation of the Saskatoon EX scheduled for August 4-9, 2020.

The Exhibition has been held in Saskatoon every year beginning in 1886, since before Saskatoon was a city and Saskatchewan was a province. Historically, the event was designed to showcase the resiliency and economic viability of the area in the bid for the Temperance Colony of Saskatoon to become a full-fledge city!

History is being made this year, not by our 135th Anniversary, but instead by the first ever cancellation of the Saskatoon EX.

The Saskatoon EX, managed and hosted by Prairieland Park, employs nearly 600 people and attracts 215,000 people annually to the event. Bringing in nearly 200 artists and attractions you won’t see anywhere else, the EX has become a staple in the city for its vibrancy and celebration of community.

With the health of our community in mind, Prairieland Park has made the difficult decision to cancel the EX for this year. “COVID-19 has changed everything for everyone. The safety of our patrons and staff is incredibly important, and we know that public gatherings put that safety in jeopardy”, said Prairieland Park CEO, Mark Regier.

The Province of Saskatchewan has put a limitation on public gatherings indefinitely, like many jurisdictions, changing the entire landscape for the event industry the world over. Events like the Saskatoon EX employ artists, vendors, and suppliers; have a ripple effect into the community supporting tourism, hotels, taxis, etc.

“We plan to be back next year with all the flair, fun and excitement people have come to expect at the EX. Prairieland has been around a long time, we will be here when this is over” reminded Regier.


For more information contact:
Kristy Rempel, Manager – Marketing, Saskatoon Prairieland Park Corporation
Cell: (306) 261-9233 or (306) 229-2338


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