About Us

Excellence in Action!

Since its earliest days as a centre for agricultural excellence, Prairieland Park in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan has evolved into a provincial leader in the development of trade shows, conferences, special events, industry expositions, concerts, cabarets, and more!

With more than $16 million in infrastructure enhancement in recent years, Prairieland Park has become one of Canada’s premier venues. The 136-acre park features easy access, ample on-site parking, and over 200,000 square feet of world class meeting, trade show, and conference space … Saskatchewan’s largest all-under-one-roof trade exposition space.

Quick Facts

Prairieland Park attracts 1.6 million people a year to various programs, conventions, and events creating an estimated economic impact of more than $100 million annually.

The Park is up and running more than 285 days per year. That’s six days a week, 52 weeks a year of promoting and programming.

In the 1980s, Prairieland was home to 12 major events; today, it hosts 321 events per year – almost one event for every day of the year.

Prairieland becomes more international in scope every year, adding new events and shows to attract even more visitors from across Canada and around the world.

Educational activities include an excellent agricultural awareness program for elementary school students and one of western Canada’s most extensive 4-H programs.

Saskatoon Prairieland Park Corporation is a year-round organization that employs a full-time staff of 75 and a part-time / seasonal staff total of more than 300.

Our Volunteers Make a Difference

Saskatoon Prairieland Park is a membership based, nonprofit corporation, first established as an agricultural society in 1886, the same year the first annual fair was held in Saskatoon. The foundation of this corporation was its volunteers and their contribution continues up until today. Volunteers contribute thousands of hours of service each year. Volunteer committees work in partnership with staff to plan and implement many of our programs and events.