Food & Beverage Sampling Approval Form

Saskatoon Prairieland Park retains exclusive rights to provide and regulate all food and beverage services for all events
featured in our facilities. The event organizers or their exhibitors may demo or sample their product only upon
requesting and receiving written approval from Prairieland Park.

General Conditions:

1. All items must be manufactured, processed or distributed by exhibiting company and related to the purpose of the show. All product must be prepared off site in an approved facility (Documentation may be required).
2. All exhibitors musty comply with local health and safety regulations
3. Sampling of alcohol is prohibited
4. All non-alcoholic beverage samples must be no more than 3oz
5. All food samples must be bite size (2”x2” or 60g or less)
6. Samples may only be distributed from the exhibitors booth
7. Samples must be served in disposable containers & use disposable utensils
8. Product ingredient listing must be listed or available
9. Any items to be used as traffic promoters (Coffee, Cookies, Popcorn etc.) must be purchased through Prairieland Park.

If any of the above criteria is not met the exhibitor will be asked to remove the product from the exhibit

FOODSAFE Guidelines

Food Source:

All food must be purchased and prepared from an approved source.
Food prepared at home is prohibited
All preparation and portioning to be done prior to event to minimize food contact on site

Hot foods must be held at 60 C (140 F) and should be consumed within 1.5 hours to maintain quality and safety
Cold Foods must be refrigerated must be kept at or below 4 C (40 F)
Proper equipment, probes, and storage must be provided for all food handled (SPPC does not supply)

Equipment & Utensils
Use only disposable utensils & containers for customer self-service
Ensure there are a sufficient amount of food handling utensils available to replace soiled or used ones
All soiled utensils must be cleaned and sanitized before reuse

Provisions must be made for adequate handwashing when food is being handled
Handwashing should occur: before food handling and throughout the day; after breaks or washroom
use; after touching hands, face or body; coughing sneezing etc.