Last Race Meet Thanks to Moosomin Downs

Prairieland is thrilled to have the group from Moosomin Downs hosting racing, temporarily, at Marquis Downs, on the property.

While Prairieland works to secure the funding for an elite-level sports stadium at the Park, the current property is sitting empty. “While we are not getting back into the Horse Racing business, we are excited to see someone else is”, said CEO of Prairieland, Mark Regier. “This is a perfect partnership, the Moosomin Downs people have the funding and capacity to run races, and we have the track this season.”

Prairieland will be continuing the bid for a Soccer Stadium to be built on the property and will be launching a public capital campaign in the fall, “but until then, we are happy to lease out the track”, said Regier. Prairieland is willing to donate items such as the starting gate, equipment, and even the specialty dirt (base) the track is made-of, to this group to help re-establish horse racing in another location.

Construction for the new stadium is slated to take place in the spring of 2023, allowing for one more season of racing at Marquis. After that, you will be able to find Thoroughbred Horse Racing at Moosomin Downs on Highway 16, just outside of Saskatoon.