Prairieland Park hopeful for a Saskatoon EX in 2021

Following the Provinces’ Reopen Road Map, Prairieland Park is very hopeful a modified version of the Saskatoon EX will go ahead this summer in early August.

The 2020 Saskatoon EX was cancelled on May 11th, 2020; however, the organizers were able to put together a drive thru event in August of that year that focused on Fair Food. Prairieland Park has been closed to the public for over a year, apart from the Covid-19 vaccination clinics onsite.

“We are excited for it all – the events, seeing the guests again and doing something great for the community” said Special Events Manager – Susan Kuzma.

Saskatoon EX represents the largest single public celebration of its kind in Saskatchewan, attracting over 200,000 attendees (in previous years) and generating an economic impact of more than $18 million over six days of the event. Prairieland is hopeful that even if a small portion of that economic benefit can be recaptured, it can stimulate recovery for many local businesses in the area.

Prairieland acknowledges that the Saskatoon EX may not be able to operate exactly the same as previous years, but remains optimistic that it can still be great! Typically, the Saskatoon EX would host over 30,000 guests daily over six days in August, however, with social distancing measures in place the optimistic attendance is more likely a small fraction of that. “But this isn’t about making a ton of money. This is about bringing back a bit of ‘normal’, getting our staff working again, doing our part to revive the hospitality/events/tourism industry and hopefully breaking-even on the event” said Kuzma.

Although, opportunities to recreate revenue streams and get back to business are very welcomed. Like so many other businesses in the province, Prairieland Park has seen a 90% reduction in its overall operations due to the pandemic and the restrictions. Net profit declined by 82% in 2020 and projected losses from this year will exceed $2,000,000.

A modified Saskatoon EX is being planned for some time in the first two weeks of August. Exact duration and dates are not yet known. The expectation is to have midway rides, concessions, and grandstand acts, including the Demolition Derby, in an all-outdoor event for 2021. Much of this is dependant on the midway company – North American Midway Entertainment being able to establish routing though Canada and being granted access to the country. Many of the specific event details will hinge on vaccination rates and any applicable Covid Safety Protocols required by Saskatchewan Health Authority at the time of the event.

“It is exciting to think we could be back to having events again in 2021. The Saskatoon EX is hopefully just the beginning” said Kuzma. Preparations have also already begun for fall events hosted by Prairieland, such as Glow Gardens and the Saskatchewan Equine Expo. The staff is also welcoming clients back to the space and getting cancelled 2020 events rebooked.

As more information becomes public on the Reopen Road Map, we will update the public on
the events and happenings at Prairieland Park.

For more information contact:
Kristy Rempel
Manager – Marketing, Saskatoon Prairieland Park Corporation
(306) 261-9233 krempel@prairielandpark.com

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