Prairieland Park moving forward with Saskatoon EX in August More Dates – Bigger Rides

Prairieland Park is planning a fully outdoor version of the Saskatoon EX in August 2021, following the Provinces’ announcement yesterday, that Step 3 of the Reopen Road Map, could begin as early as July 11th. Also confirmed yesterday, North American Midway Entertainment (N.A.M.E) has been granted access to Canada for the fair season, following an appropriate quarantine.

“It is all coming together, we are very excited to get back to some version of normal and having great summer events on the site” said Special Events Manager – Susan Kuzma.

Based on routing of all the fairs able to run this year, Saskatoon will get some extra days, and some exciting new additions to the ride line-up! The Saskatoon EX will run over two weekends in 2021. Starting Aug 6, 7, 8 and then close for Monday and Tuesday (Aug 9 & 10). The Fair will kick-back into high gear for the rest of the week, opening on Wednesday Aug 11 and continuing until Sunday, Aug 15. “The fewer fairs gives us an opportunity to see some big rides and add a day or two,” commented Kuzma.

“There will be grandstand acts and the Demolition Derby” said Kuzma, noting the grandstand entertainment will likely be All-Canadian talent, as the border situation is still tentative, requiring special approvals. “We also think there could be two nights of Demo Derby, seeing as there are two Sundays in our line-up this year”.

Saskatoon EX represents one of the largest public celebrations of its kind in Saskatchewan, attracting over 200,000 attendees (in previous years) and generating an economic impact of more than $18 million annually. Prairieland is hopeful that even if a small portion of that economic benefit can be recaptured, it can stimulate recovery for many local businesses in the area including the hoteliers and spur renewed interest in tourism in the area. The Saskatoon EX employs approximately 600 people during the event.

This year will be planned as an entirely outdoor event (rain or shine) with no indoor trade show element or access to the main buildings. Masks worn by guests are welcome, even if they are not publicly mandated. Enhanced cleaning protocols will still be in place, including frequent hand sanitizing stations throughout the Park, as well as, any required SHA regulations at the time of the event.

This plan is based on a province-wide vaccination target being met. We encourage everyone that is able, to consider getting their vaccination.

As more information is released about the event, Prairieland will update the public through the Saskatoon EX Facebook page and our media partners.

For more information contact:
Prairieland Park
(306) 931-7149 contactus@prairielandpark.com

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