In an agreement executed by John Williams, President of CANWEST CLC, and WORLD TRADE CENTER Saskatoon and Mark Regier, CEO of Saskatoon Prairieland Park Corporation the main trade and conference facility at Prairieland Park will be rebranded to include the WORLD TRADE CENTER Saskatoon logo.

This is extremely exciting for us,” remarked Mark Regier, CEO of Prairieland Park, “the opportunities available to us through the WTC network seem almost limitless and put us, and Saskatoon, on a global stage!”. The WORLD TRADE CENTER Saskatoon is a member of the World Trade Center Association with over 325 members in almost 100 countries worldwide.

WORLD TRADE CENTER Saskatoon is also part of the Members Advisory Council for Conferences & Exhibitions, Agriculture and the Trade Promotion Services. This is an opportunity to gain recognition with a strong global presence in an industry important to Saskatchewan. “Saskatchewan needs both foreign and direct investment to develop our agricultural industry for processing; both in primary and secondary production,” John Williams said in regards to economic development and the role the WORLD TRADE CENTER Saskatoon can play.

Many WORLD TRADE CENTERS combine a business space with conference space, and in an effort to maximize the use of the current tradeshow and conference space in our market, John Williams sought out a strategic alliance with Prairieland Park, “we think this serves both parties very well,” said John Williams President of CANWEST CLC Corporation, “with an incredible level of customer service and over 240,000 square feet of convention and trade show space [at Prairieland Park], we believe this facility can handle any event that we bring forward”.

The name and brand Prairieland Park will continue to exist. The Trade and Convention facility will be known as the WORLD TRADE CENTER Saskatoon at Prairieland Park and Prairieland Park will continue to operate Sports On Tap, Marquis Downs, Prairieland Park AG Center, the outdoor venues (Kickin’ Horse Saloon and the Grandstand) and our three Live Horse Racing Wagering Centers throughout the province.

Recent renovations to the main entrance and lobby were done in anticipation of this announcement, in an effort to bring the outside facade up to what one would expect from a facility branded as a WORLD TRADE CENTER. Nearly 20 million dollars has been self-invested into the property by the Prairieland Park Board of Directors over the last 10 years. Humble beginnings: Prairieland Park started as an Ag Society, solely responsible for running the Fair, and has grown into a leader in the convention industry while keeping that non-profit, community-minded focus.

The partnership is very exciting and will bring great things for WTC Saskatoon, Prairieland Park and the city in general.

For more information contact:

Kristy Rempel, Manager – Marketing

World Trade Center Saskatoon at Prairieland Park 306-931-7149 or krempel@prairielandpark.com

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