New Saskatoon EX attendance record set

The last day of the 2022 Saskatoon EX saw 38,902 people attend the Fair. This is a Sunday record and we had a 6-day fair record. Our total fair attendance for 2022 was 225,894, just short of the 8-day fair and overall attendance record of 230,528.

An incredible week of near-perfect weather saw a packed house for the concerts and the midway.
It is unfortunate that the actions of a few have overshadowed the fair this year. Mace or bear spray incidents were also up, despite efforts to stop them. This is a new challenge for the fair industry as a whole, and in the future, Prairieland will be looking to technology to assist. Prairieland is already researching body scanners and metal detectors to be used at large-scale public events. The safety of the patrons at the EX is very important and we believe everyone should feel safe and welcome to enjoy events here.

Deployment of pepper sprays on humans is a criminal offense, and as such, any questions directly related to that should be directed to the Saskatoon City Police Service. We are also very thankful to have the SPS on-site during all six days of the fair.