Prairieland adjourns professional soccer stadium

The Board of Directors at Prairieland, in agreement with Living Sky Sports, have determined that, at this time, it is judicious for all parties involved to adjourn Saskatoon’s proposed professional soccer project.

“With ventures of this magnitude, it is important to adjust to constantly changing economic factors,” says Prairieland CEO Dan Kemppainen. “As we progressed with the project plans, we have had to make the decision to attend to competing financial priorities.” The Corporation continues to support the development of all forms of recreation that bring growth to the City.

The Board and Management at Prairieland are thankful for the durable partnerships that have been built over the past 137 years. Established in 1886, Prairieland is the longest-running corporation in the City of Saskatoon and this longevity is a testament to the principles of fiscal prudence and practical judgment. Prairieland will continue to channel energy towards improving and expanding the core programs that align with the roots of the corporation, and the direction that the community is growing.